xBeam Integrated System xBeam-18/I was installed at TWI in Cambridge, UK

The xBeam system is mounted on a 3 x 3 x 4m vacuum chamber and can build metre scale components with a 1,000mm vertical axis on the novel electron gun (xGun). 7 different wire diameters from 1.0mm up to 3.2mm can be used for deposition. Thanks to the 18kW high voltage power supply and 20kV accelerating voltage, X-ray radiation is less of a concern than higher voltage systems. It also has two in-chamber video cameras in protective casings for adjustment of xGun positioning during processing.

Project was funded by the Open Architecture Additive Manufacturing (OAAM) project.

The OAAM programme plans to develop directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing (AM) technologies that can be scaled up to accept multi-metre component sizes for the benefit of UK
aerospace. These new platforms will enable aerospace manufacturers and their supply chains to develop advanced AM manufacturing concepts.

Source: https://www.twi-global.com/media-and-events/press-releases/2021/twi-gains-new-coaxial-electron-beam-am-capability

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