Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis visited the production facilities of the NVO Chervona Hvilya
November 18, 2022

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis visited the production facilities of the NVO Chervona Hvilya during his visiting Ukraine last week:

The company’s Director, Dmytro Kovalchuk, demonstrated their first industrial metal 3D printer, xBeamGrand-1, 3D printed samples and introduced the prospects of the company’s innovations for the Ukrainian and European industries.

EU grants became an essential contribution to the development of the xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology – they helped us to take the first steps. We highly appreciate that the EC leadership is willing to personally see the actual results of European innovation support programs. I am sure that what they saw was both important and exciting.
Our xBeam technology is currently at the stage of commercialization and scaling, which requires more financing. We believe such visits confirm the EU’s intentions to continue supporting innovative Ukrainian businesses.

It is all the more pleasant that such distinguished guests found time to pay attention to such subjects during the war, when the visit to Ukraine manifests a certain courage. Ukrainians highly value such courage, no less than the aid that such politicians bring.

Bharat Fritz Werner, India (BFW) & xBeam (Ukraine & USA) announce an exclusive Collaboration
November 15, 2022

Bharat Fritz Werner, India (BFW) & xBeam (Ukraine & USA) announce an exclusive Collaboration

Bharat Fritz Werner (BFW) and xBeam today announced an exclusive collaboration in technology, manufacturing, sales, and customer services/support, to locally engineer, manufacture, and market xBeam’s disruptive, patented, ultra-fast printing, and technology class-leading Electron Beam – Wire – DED systems of medium, large, and very large part build sizes in India. The initial target market includes India and neighboring regions and intended to expand to the Middle East and SEA in the foreseeable future.

“We consider India as one of the most important upcoming markets in the world for manufacturing technology. This exclusive collaboration between xBeam’s innovative and patented technology, and BFW’s strong brand, position, and incredible innovation & engineering capabilities in India, will bring truly cutting-edge solutions to India and many other regions. BFW’s technical & execution teams are truly remarkable and a pleasure to work with”
-Dmytro Kovalchuk, Founder, Inventor, and Chairman, xBeam

“We are very impressed with xBeam’s unique and innovative Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Technology. Our collaboration opens doors for developing an array of industrial applications, yielding a competitive advantage to customers in India and around the world. We are very excited about the future as Bharat Fritz Werner and xBeam both share a common vision of providing futuristic and customizable
solutions to our markets”

– Ravi Raghavan, MD, BFW

The first Electron Grand-2 powered by xBeam Technology will be available for delivery by the end of CY 2023 and is being built for major Aerospace End Users.

The leaders of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine visited the production facilities of the NVO Chervona Hvilya.
October 6, 2022

The leaders of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, led by President Academician Anatoly Zagorodny, and directors of the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, led by Director Academician Ihor Krivtsun, visited the production facilities of the NVO Chervona Hvilya.

The Director of the company, Dmytro Kovalchuk, demonstrated their first industrial metal 3D printer xBeamGrand-1, numerous 3D printed samples and introduced the prospects of the company’s innovations for the development of Ukrainian science and industry. 

WE ARE 25!
September 29, 2022

WE ARE 25!

NVO Chervona Hvilya celebrates the 25th anniversary!

This time we didn’t arrange loud corporate events – there is a war.
We will celebrate our anniversary together with Ukraine’s victory.

We have no doubts about victory – after all, during our 25 years, we have survived global crises, revolutions, and war. And we emerged more potent after each test.
It will be so again!

Meet xBeam at ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing 2021
October 20, 2021

Dmytro Kovalchuk, Director of NVO Chervona Hvilya and Founder of xBeam, Inc., will be presenting at The ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ASTM ICAM 2021), hosted by the ASTM International Additive Manufactured Center of Excellence on November 1-5, 2021 in Anaheim, CA and virtually.

The presentation “Exclusive Technological and Manufacturing Opportunities Provided by Low Voltage Gas-Discharge Electron Beam Guns with Profile Electron Beam for Space Exploration” will share our ideas on how xBeam technology can make metal 3D printing in Space/Moon/Mars a reality!

Join Dmytro in Anaheim, CA in person on November 1-5 (or virtually).
The presentation is scheduled for November 2nd, 2021 at the session of AM for Space Applications at 09:40 am.

Learn more at

September 29th is the Birthday of NVO Chervona Hvilya
September 29, 2021

Since 1997, when the company was established, we have done a lot – we melted thousands of tons of titanium ingots, we implemented dozens of high-power gas-discharge electron-beam guns to industrial operations around the world, we have transformed the titanium industry with our EB melting furnaces and recycling solutions. Finally, we have developed a new advanced additive manufacturing technology – the xBeam 3D Metal Printing.

But our main achievement is the Team!
More than 20 highly skilled professionals (including 3 Ph.D.) of different generations (from 22 to 86 years old!), are united by common goals and values.

For such a team, nothing is impossible!
And our goals are exactly on the verge of the possible, yet sometimes beyond… (only temporarily)

Our next goal is simply to make a revolution in metal additive manufacturing with our xBeam 3D.
We have started already! Join us in our journey!

xBeam Integrated System xBeam-18/I was installed at TWI in Cambridge, UK
June 29, 2021

The xBeam system is mounted on a 3 x 3 x 4m vacuum chamber and can build metre scale components with a 1,000mm vertical axis on the novel electron gun (xGun). 7 different wire diameters from 1.0mm up to 3.2mm can be used for deposition. Thanks to the 18kW high voltage power supply and 20kV accelerating voltage, X-ray radiation is less of a concern than higher voltage systems. It also has two in-chamber video cameras in protective casings for adjustment of xGun positioning during processing.

Project was funded by the Open Architecture Additive Manufacturing (OAAM) project.

The OAAM programme plans to develop directed energy deposition (DED) additive manufacturing (AM) technologies that can be scaled up to accept multi-metre component sizes for the benefit of UK
aerospace. These new platforms will enable aerospace manufacturers and their supply chains to develop advanced AM manufacturing concepts.


June 9, 2021

xBeam expands its remarkable team of thought leaders in EB-wire DED Metal AM
Michael R. Riesen has joined xBeam, Inc. as its Chief Executive Officer. Mike comes with 35 years of advanced manufacturing and global management experience. Most recently, Mike held the senior leadership role at Sciaky, Inc for 8+ years, where he pioneered the creation and strategic roadmap for Sciaky Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology (EBAM), and successfully navigated the development, roll out and global deployment throughout the innovation path and technology curves. Prior to Sciaky, Mike held leadership positions with major OEM Manufacturing organizations leading the transition to Lean Manufacturing, The Visual Factory, Demand Driven Replenishment, and Supply Chain Partnerships. Riesen commented: “I am delighted to join the xBeam team in this leadership role. Unlike many conventional Wire Fed DED AM Processes, xBeam® Technology and innovation will truly disrupt this market space with unique and creative AM Metal solutions”.

Dmytro Kovalchuk, Founder, Chairman and President of xBeam, Inc. said: “Mike brings an incredible wealth of experience, knowledge, drive and passion to xBeam’s core businesses. Mike will lead strategic, growth, and technology initiatives focused on creating a worldwide presence for this next generation Metal AM DED Enterprise. This will include the creation of fully operational Equipment Showrooms / Center of Excellence and Assembly plant locations in the US, Europe, and Asia. With the only truly affordable and scalable Metal AM DED Wire Fed Product Portfolio, xBeam is positioned to become the primary worldwide supplier in this exponentially growing Metal AM space.”

About xBeam: xBeam is a pure play premium Electron Beam – Wire DED metal AM OEM and services business with proven applications in Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, and with a strong penchant towards Space Technologies. xBeam® has brought a revolutionary and unparalleled innovation that combines, without compromise, all the basic advantages necessary to grow a successful digital manufacturing enterprise. xBeam is well positioned to lead the DED-Metal-AM industry segment with its patented next-Generation technology, significantly lower price points, an unmatched scaled product line, competitive differentiation, and addressing a large un-met need at end users, researchers as well as contract service bureaus with a visionary industry thought leading technology and management team.

September 29, 2020

Today our Company has celebrated its 23rd anniversary.

And we made ourselves a very symbolic gift – we received a beam (the xBeam!) on our new metal 3D printing system xBeamGrand.

October 17, 2019

Chervona Hvilya has signed a Grant Agreement with the USAID Competitive Economy Program (CEP), award number 72012118C00002. The CEP project is financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Within the scope of this granted project Chervona Hvilya will purchase the Quality assurance and visualization solutions developed by Austrian company
plasmo Industrietechnik Gmbh by customized order for the xBeam 3D Metal Printing. This project will help to make the important step forward to industrialization of xBeam technology.

June 30, 2019

The first US patent for a 3D printing method and system known as xBeam 3D Metal Printing is just received.

June 3, 2019

TWI Ltd has ordered a new xBeam-18/I electron beam system from Ukrainian company Chervona Hvilya.

TWI and Chervona Hvilya will be working closely in development of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing technologies that can be scaled up to accept multi-meter component sizes for the benefit of the UK’s aerospace industry.

Source: Metal AM

May 21, 2019

We were friendly hosted in this event by our partners from Austrian company plasmo Industrietechnik Gmbh, who provides their exclusive process monitoring and on-line quality assurance solutions to our xBeam technology, at their booth.

We had a great opportunity to demonstrate numerous visitors our common contribution to the industrialization of additive manufacturing.


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