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To make 3D metal printing a conventional industrial technology available for everybody, anytime and anywhere.
3D Metal Printing must be freindly for industry and exclusive for R&D.
People (intellect vs hard job), Ecology (green technology vs heavy metallurgy), Natural resources (saving materials vs waste).
The beginning
From trading to production
NVO Chervona Hvilya was established in 1997 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Prior to this, the founders of the company successfully engaged in trading of titanium products: sponge, ingots, mill product, scrap.

But such activities did not satisfy creative and active young people with a good technical education.
In addition, it was clear that the trading business cannot be stable without direct participation in the production chain, especially in titanium industry.

Therefore, the stop of sales of titanium scrap was one of the first decisions of the new company.

Instead, a scrap processing site was created to prepare it for remelting into ingots.
And, together with the Kyiv Scientific and Production Center "Titan" of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, a technology was developed for electron beam melting titanium ingots completely from scrap.

As a result, just a year later, cheap and high-quality ingots and slabs appeared on the titanium market, gladly bought by the grands of titanium industry in the USA, Europe and China.
And Chervona Hvilya quickly turned from an exporter of titanium scrap into it' importer.

Soon, a number of the world's leading manufacturers of titanium products have recognized that they were buying ingots from scrap, which they themselves generated, supplying to Ukraine together with the scrap the added value they had lost.
Equipment and technology
Thus, the boom of electron beam melting facilities has begun in the titanium world in the early 2000th.

Most companies, that formed a lot of titanium scrap, have decided to add electron beam cold hearth melting furnaces to their traditional production chain.
And we, unfortunately, found that we ourselves had created a demand for such equipment, but we were not ready to opening of this market.

And, in 2005, we decided to create the best electron-beam melting equipment, realizing that no one knows better than us the specific features of the melting technology, the optimal technical parameters of the equipment and the practice of its operation.
Fortunately, Ukraine was always among the world leading countries in electron beam field. So, we managed to quickly create a team of high-class designers, engineers and echnologists, and just in three years we built the first large EBCHM furnace for melting 10-ton titanium ingots.

Then there were other projects, and not only related to titanium, but also with other metals, such as niobium, tantalum, zirconium.
Beam Guns
Gas-discharge electron beam guns have always been the key factor of all our developments — both technological and equipment.

An absolutely unique combination of exceptional technical capabilities, a wide range of permissible technological conditions and ease of operation and maintenance made these guns an indispensable tool for many vacuum metallurgy processes.
Gas-discharge EB guns (left to right)
BTP-100 (100 kW), BTP-300 (300 kW) and BTP-450 (450 kW)
Now our exclusive gas-discharge electron beam guns with power up to 600 kW are used worldwide in melting and refining of Ti, Nb, Ta, Zr, Mo and Si, in advanced EB-PVD systems and special welding applications in Ukraine, USA, Europe, Russia, China.
It is the unique capability of our gas-discharge electron beam guns to directly generate profile electron beams, including hollow ones, has become the background for creating our xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology, invented and patented in 2014.
Gas-discharge EB guns (left to right)
BTP-100 (100 kW), BTP-300 (300 kW) and BTP-450 (450 kW)
We have being always continued to improve our technological and engineering base.

Currently, our team includes more than 20 high-skilled specialists, including four PhD, who have performed for dozens of industrial projects.
In titanium business we have being based on the three pillars — cheap raw materials, low manufacturing cost, high quality.

It helped us to change the world titanium industry making titanium more affordable for customers.
In equipment development we also based on the three pillars – own technology, own design, own operation experience. It helped us to bring our electron beam systems to industrial operation at facilities of premium customers worldwide.

We are basing our development in additive manufacturing on the same pillars, and we believe that xBeam finally will make metal 3D printing friendly for Industry and will provide a lot of new opportunities in R&D.
Establishment of Chervona Hvilya
Production of titanium ingots by electron beam melting, trading titanium products
development and production of electron beam systems on the base of own gas-discharge EB guns
the invention of xBeam – process validation, the patent filing
exploratory study agreements with leading aerospace companies, validation of exclusive technological capabilities
first sale – upgrade project with integrated xBeam system
first order on complete xBeam 3D Metal Printing system
exploratory study agreements with leading aerospace companies, validation of exclusive technological capabilities
development, contracts, expansion
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