September 29th is the Birthday of NVO Chervona Hvilya

Since 1997, when the company was established, we have done a lot – we melted thousands of tons of titanium ingots, we implemented dozens of high-power gas-discharge electron-beam guns to industrial operations around the world, we have transformed the titanium industry with our EB melting furnaces and recycling solutions. Finally, we have developed a new advanced additive manufacturing technology – the xBeam 3D Metal Printing.

But our main achievement is the Team!
More than 20 highly skilled professionals (including 3 Ph.D.) of different generations (from 22 to 86 years old!), are united by common goals and values.

For such a team, nothing is impossible!
And our goals are exactly on the verge of the possible, yet sometimes beyond… (only temporarily)

Our next goal is simply to make a revolution in metal additive manufacturing with our xBeam 3D.
We have started already! Join us in our journey!