xBeam Technology
allows no longer have to choose between fine accuracy, defect-free metal structure and high productivity.

The new patented solutions are based on the exclusive ability of gas-discharge electron beam gun to generate hollow conical electron beam providing unique physical conditions for precisely controllable metal
deposition and forming of desired metal structure in produced 3D metal part.
xBeam Metal Printing
The most affordable and
cheap feed material in metal
AM – standard industrial
wire up to Ø3.2 mm
The best in metal AM
industry combination of
accuracy and productivity
The lowest in metal AM
industry operating cost
High productivity,
any build size
xBeam 3D Printing has a set of technical, technological and commercial benefits that help it to stand out from any other in metal additive manufacturing
Unique Deposition Process
in the shape of hollow
is used both for melting
of fed wire and creation of
melt pool
omnidirectional deposition
of the added material
resulting in good accuracy
of 3D printed parts
process parameters provides
100% density, excellent metal
structure and properties
the deposited material
High power (18 kW) electron beam
Steady laminar transfer
liquid additive metal from
the wire end to the melt
pool on the substrate
Coaxial wire supply
Reliable and easy control
Ordinary standard industrial metal wire up to 3.2 mm in diameter can be easily transformed to high quality parts
Affordable Industrial Solution
The lowest cost of metal parts in AM industry
The best combination of accuracy and productivity reduce
metal loss & cost of final machining of 3DP parts
wall thickness from 1.5 mm
deposition rate up to 2,000 cm3 per hour
surface roughness < 1 mm
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Quality assurance and visualization solution for the xBeam 3D Metal Printing became possible due to the funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of USAID Competitive Economy Program (award number 72012118C00002).