Titanium Art
In Dmytro hands, cold metal comes to life in beautiful flowers and fairy animals. Seeing his work, you believe that titanium can also have a soul.

But also his skill shows the endless potential of additive manufacturing - after all, what he does with ordinary welding wire is nothing more than a DED-wire Additive manufacturing.

From a technological and engineering point of view, everything that can be done manually can, in principle, be realized automatically — the matter of the appropriate software and hardware, especially in our age of robots and artificial intelligence.

Everything, except the soul...

Welcome to the Magic World of Titanium Art
with our Great Master of welding Dmytro Kushniruk!
Quality assurance and visualization solution for the xBeam 3D Metal Printing became possible due to the funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of USAID Competitive Economy Program (award number 72012118C00002).