xBeam 3D Metal Printing

Opening a new era in the additive manufacturing

NVO Chervona Hvilya presents xBeam 3D Metal Printing –

the new Additive Manufacturing technology which was born to make the best attractions of Additive Manufacturing available for wide industrial community and to prove that definition of Additive manufacturing as the Third Industrial Revolution is reality.

xBeam 3D Metal Printer:

exclusive for R&D, friendly to industry!

  • Compact design, easy maintenance;
  • Operation in lower vacuum (10ˉ¹…10¯⁴ mbar);
  • Safety operation due to application of low voltage (10-15 kV) gas-discharge electron beam gun;
  • Standard industrial wire as feedstock;
  • Facile automatic control.

About us

Our exclusive xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology was invented as a result of more than 40-year experience of our scientists and engineers in development of electron beam technologies and equipment for wide range of applications. Our unique electron beam equipment is operating worldwide in industrial melting of ingots from titanium, niobium, tantalum and other metals, in different EB-PVD processes, for refining of silicon and noble metals to high purity level, for special welding and brazing applications as well.

Power range of our gas-discharge EB guns is from a few kW and up to 600 kW.

Providing high technological and operating capabilities of our electron beam equipment we were always thinking about customer’s ideal requirements. We were always fighting with stereotype that electron beam technologies and equipment are complicated and expensive.

Finally we have broken this wrong statement concerning traditional EB technologies.

Now it is time to do the same in Additive Manufacturing making it close to scientific community and wide industry.

We know how to do it!

Probably only we know...


JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya”

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Tel/fax: +380 44 2008946

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